My Son Graduated #17 in the Top 25…% of His Class Today

Of 150 students who graduated from Sheffield High School today, my son was #17* of the top 25% of his class, sporting his white robe with the other honor students and two tassels, one of which was from the National Technical Honor Society, into which he was inducted a couple of years ago now.

Justice Adams's Graduation Class Photo 2

(*Though Justice was initially informed that he was #17 of 150 students and this is denoted on his honor graduate medallion that he received from Sheffield High, and he was seated as the 17th honor student at his graduation, we learned retroactively via his transcript that he is number 18 of 147 students, which is still top honors. Amusingly, Justice is 18-years-old and is ranked #18 in his 2018 class)…

Today, I reflected on all of the parent-teacher conferences I’ve attended/emails I’ve sent asking Justice’s teachers how he could bring/keep his grades up to par and my interventions to make certain that he finished and submitted incomplete and other work that his instructors alerted me of pursuant to my follow-up on his progress reports, and regardless of how tired I may have been from working in our home and on the j-o-b. I thought of my tracking his whereabouts, demanding that he report home at an appropriate time, and going to find and get him if he didn’t, and how I’d awakened him nearly every single school day.

I thought of how, lacking those interventions, Justice would have worn a different robe or perhaps not graduated at all. I too thought of how all students can be honors students with similar nudging by parents and instructors, etc., of how prodding our children and ourselves to do what they/we ought, whether or not it is convenient for them or us is a vital element of success…

Justice Adams's Graduation Announcement

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Justice Adams's Graduation Tissue Insert

Justice Adams's Graduation Thank You Card

Congrats Justice and the class of 2018!!!!!!!Justice Adams's Graduation Cake

Justice Adams's HS Graduation Photo

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Aeronautical-Aquatic Vehicles are Great for More Than a Mere Statement of the Ages/My Vision of the Ideal Flying Car

I always imagined that this day in age we’d be living like the Jetsons, with flying cars that would be flown into elevated homes and commercial properties; and with the invent of GPS, Onstar, and other technology, it is now an actual practicality.

Notwithstanding, aeronautical and aquatic vehicles are great for more than a mere statement of the ages. They could save considerable time during commutes, and can be utilized to save lives during natural disasters, like earthquakes, floods, volcanos, landslides, etc…

Flying cars are actually on the market now, though they are not quite what I had in mind. My vision of a flying car is one with retractable wings and that more resembles or is actually a traditional car, i.e. a Chevrolet Equinox, Toyota Prius (*hybrid), GMC Acadia (my personal favorites), etc., or one that could be flown and driven with blended ease as opposed to one that resembles a dwarfed airplane. The Terrafugia is closest to the flying car that I have in mind that I’ve seen thus far, though, again, I’d want my own to resemble or be my favorite brand/model of vehicle.

*Ideally, all vehicles would be hybrid or utilize electricity and gasoline, they’d all be flyable and aquatic (capable of being driven on water), for ultimate safety, even if laws would vary by state regarding when they are to be flown or driven on water. For example, certain states might require that cars are flown or driven on water only during emergencies. Other states might require that flying vehicles are flown only in aeronautical communities or heights, those in which every vehicle could fly and in which every residential and commercial property is literally heightened to compliment the flying cars.


Whether or not all cars become aeronautical and aquatic, those who purchase cars that are either or both should be required to acquire a special license; one should be trained and tested on the relevant procedures and safety guidelines that they should follow before, during, and afterwards.

Additional Safety Features

Certain flying cars are equipped with parachutes that provide an open canopy for the car itself in emergency situations, not merely the driver/pilot; and all aeronautical vehicles should be equipped with said parachutes.

GPS Navigation & AutoCorrect Features

Aeronautical vehicles should only be flown as and where prescribed by the Department of Transportation, i.e. at the prescribed heights and distances, and along the prescribed routes, to minimize risks and fatalities. GPS navigation and autocorrect or corrective steering systems should be required in all aeronautical/flying cars, as they would maintain order in the skies, particularly when aeronautical cars or more popularized, and by not only delivering a pilot/driver to an entered destination address, but by informing him or her that they might be flying too closely to other cars, and intrinsically reducing speed or shifting/moving to avoid a crash. The noted technology would additionally show and inform the driver/flyer when or where closest to his or her destination address he or she is clear for landing.

Imagine a several hour trip being reduced to less than an hour, and without boarding a commercial airplane.

Thermoplastic Olefins

All flying cars should additionally entail a layer of thermoplastic olefins, the material typically found in bumper cars, to further curtail hard and potentially fatal crashes. All cars and planes and even aquatic vehicles should entail a layer of thermoplastic olefins for said purposes.

OnStar and/or Similar Technology

All aeronautical and aquatic vehicles should be equipped with OnStar and/or similar technology * as an added safety measure in the event of malfunction.

Aeronautical Communities

Aeronautical communities that would consist of elevated homes, shopping malls/stores, night clubs, etc. to accommodate and compliment aeronautical cars would be wonderful real estate ventures.

Flying Buildings and Other Abodes

While flying buildings may not be ideal in the mainstream, they would be ideal in especially localities that are prone to natural disasters. One would be capable of cranking up and moving their homes to safety in such events.

Rescue/Rapture Missions

Aeronautical/aquatic buildings, which are practical, I’m certain, and which would be ideally military ventures, could be utilized to retrieve and provide immediate shelter, food and water, and other resources to indigent communities in developing and other communities, or they could be utilized to remove and sustain entire communities faced with threat of impending danger, like tsunamis, for example…

Aeronautical and/or Aquatic Vacation Homes/World Tourism

Imagine that instead of buying or renting a vacation home in other cities or remote parts of the world one could fly and/or drive their aeronautical and/or aquatic home to any place in the world.

I saw news coverage a while back of what appeared to be a flying building hovering over Israel. I’d like to think that it was the Lord and/or His angels preparing for the ultimate rescue and elevation of humanity, which I’m thoroughly convinced is a matter that will require work on our part.

Let us labor with the Creator to build a whole new world, one that is truly reflective of our times.

Facebook, etc. for Children

My then seven-year-old daughter created a Facebook account for herself with an email address containing her name. I explained to her that many people have her name and that that email address likely belongs to someone who’d receive emails on her account activity. My daughter memorized her log-in information, and has lectured my son and me about respecting her Facebook privacy. I told her that that could only apply to her brother, and that I have every right to monitor her account, which I have since legitimized in terms of creating a real Yahoo email address for her to apply to her Facebook page. I utilized my birthday where a birthday is requested, however, considering that Yahoo email and Facebook are designed specifically for adults.

I was very concerned when I realized that my daughter was sending friend requests to suggested individuals, all of whom are adults, and many of whom neither of us is familiar with. I realize, however, that children, like adults, love technology and they like to socialize.

In the context of Facebook and other social media, children should only be capable of communicating with other children and any adult relatives and/or other acquaintances that parents approve of. Accordingly, there should be a Facebook for children, which would be a safe platform for children to remotely communicate with friends and make new friends within their age group. Facebook for children should consist of varied age levels of minors, including young children, pre-adolescent, and teens, and friend suggestions should be based on these specific age groups.

Facebook for children would not only be a spectacular social tool that would provide age-appropriate companionship for children, it would be a wonderful educational tool that could help especially younger children learn to spell and write complete sentences while making small talk with their friends.

Happy 18th Birthday to My Son, Justice M. Adams

Today is my son’s 18th birthday. It seems like just yesterday that my water broke and I went into labor at work and drove myself to the hospital—Crawford Long in Atlanta, GA— where he was delivered by Dr. Felicia Dawson. When I was about eight months pregnant, I drove up to Memphis from Atlanta, and Colin Thomas, who I’d had a crush on since Mrs. Barrett’s eighth grade music class at Humes Middle School in Memphis (prior to his eventually getting married to his daughter’s mom), came to visit me at my mom’s house. Colin stated that he wanted Justice to be born on his birthday. Amusingly, I went into labor on Colin’s birthday (January 31), though Justice was born the next day. I telephoned Justice’s dad, Donnell, at work to give him the news that I was in labor, and he came to the delivery room. I was concerned that they’d have to bring in a stretcher for him when he saw Justice being born. He managed to survive it, however.

We returned to the hospital a few days afterwards to officially name Justice, giving him his dad’s surname. I’ve watched and helped him grow over the years, attended just about every parent/teacher conference, et cetera. We’ve had challenges, though we’ve overcame them. I can proudly say that Justice has been a good kid—routinely on honor roll and no problems with the law…

Though my baby is 18, he still isn’t grown, however. He graduates from high school this year (and has not repeated any grades) and has to give me at least four years of college. I’m still working on teaching him the best that I can to be a good man, praying that he will be and become all that he endeavors.

Happy Birthday to Justice M. Adams, who is still and forever will be my pride and joy!!

Credit Cards Should Require Use of Pin Numbers on and Offline


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Millions of dollars are stolen from credit card holders each year. It is practical to utilize a credit card and a debit card with a credit card symbol without a pin number. All credit cards, including debit cards that can be utilized like credit cards, should require use of pin numbers, both on and offline, unless the cardholder specifies otherwise. Every credit card holder should be presented with the option to place a pin number on their credit cards and/or debit cards as a safety measure. A random stranger should not be capable of utilizing anyone’s credit card if the owner happens to lose it or it is stolen. Requiring use of pin numbers on and offline on credit cards would prevent many incidences of credit card fraud and translate to tremendous savings for consumers and banks, et cetera that must replace swindled funds for bogus purchases.

Landline Phones with Online Directory and Other Search and Save Capability


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There should be landline phones with online directory search capability or a device that could be connected to a landline phone that would enable an online directory search and saving of acquired numbers into the contacts of both landline and mobile phones. For whatever reasons, calling information these days is typically a hassle or the machine that reads callers’ voices frequently misinterprets requested listings. Enabling online directory searches and saving of acquired listings into the contacts of landline and mobile phones would facilitate the information retrieval and storage process.

Public or Private Individual Caller Profiles/Contacts

Each and every household member or company staff member should be capable of creating an in-house public or private profile* to which they would store contacts and that could be utilized to recover or transfer contacts to other landline or mobile phones. *Household or company staff members should additionally have the option to make certain or specific phone numbers, etc. public or private, to allow or disallow other household or company staff members to telephone their contacts or certain contacts in the event of an emergency or if they are otherwise unreachable, or for any other reasons.

Other Web Searches

Landline phones should additionally be capable of performing general online searches without interfering with incoming or outgoing telephone calls. This would provide each and every household and/or company with landline phones the privilege and convenience of conducting internet searches without utilizing a computer or television necessarily, if the household or company does not have a functional computer or if it has only one or an inadequate number of computers for the number of persons within the residence or company, or if a specific television does not have a game console or a Roku or other device that enables internet access.

An initiative of the sort would too help to improve academic performance of the average student who does not have a computer and/or internet access and needs to look up instructions for specific homework assignments, considering that these days students are seldom distributed text books to carry home that provide those instructions. Better yet, students could complete online assignments via the prescribed telephonic device without interfering with usage of the telephone or without necessarily being within vicinity of anyone utilizing the phone, particularly if there are multiple phones in the house that others could use.

Grandstream and Other Existent Media Landline Phones

Grandstream and other existent media landline phones could be utilized for what I’m prescribing here, and online directory assistance icons could be added to the desktop or screen of these phones for ready use.


Landline phones with online directory and other search and save capability would not only facilitate directory searches, it would privilege households or specific members to internet resources per se in the absence of computers or other synonymous equipment, or if present computers, etc. are not properly functioning or if they are being utilized by others…

Office and All Doors within Every School Should Open Inwardly for the Safety of Students and Others



All doors within all schools should open inwardly. Students, staff, and others are typically advised to walk on either side of the hallway rather than in the middle to avoid collision with those walking in the opposite direction.

When the doors of administrative offices, classrooms, etc. open outwardly, students and others walking down the side of the hallway are susceptible to being hit when others are simultaneously exiting those doors. It is less likely that those inside of a school office, classroom, etc. will be hit by the door when others enter because it is easier to see them through the door window than it is to see anyone readily approaching the door from the hallway. Additionally, those in an office, classroom, or other room typically expect the entry of students, staff, and visitors, who’ll often knock before entering.

Though students, staff, etc. at schools with doors that open outwardly into the hallways may be aware of this, it is impractical to calculate when anyone will open the doors, and students with marching orders from their instructors will continue walking to the side of the hallway very close to office and other doors.

Those inside of or who endeavor to exit a school office, classroom, etc. should be advised via signs, however, to never stand behind the office, classroom, or other doors. The doors of administrative offices, classrooms, and all other doors within every school that open outwardly should be reversed for the safety of students, staff, and others…

Why Everyone Should Have at Least One Corded Landline Phone


With the invent of mobile phones, many people have done away with landline telephones in their homes. They probably have not considered that mobile phones cannot be charged during power outages, however, and residential cordless phones cannot be utilized without electricity. Additionally, if or on any occasions that mobile or cordless phones are not re-charged, they are useless. True, mobile phones can be utilized while charging. If the power is out, this is impractical, nonetheless. Yes, everyone should have a mobile phone for safety purposes while they are out and about, and cordless residential phones are easier to carry around the house than corded phones…

A corded landline phone could literally be a life saver in the event of a power outage, and/or if a mobile or cordless phone is not charged, especially if your cordless or mobile phone and/or mobile charger is damaged or misplaced. Additionally, calls made from landline phones are readily traceable by emergency response dispatchers, though all mobile phones should be capable of showing the precise location of a caller in the event of an emergency, and even if the phone loses power or is shut off. Too, if you’re someone who is interested in working from home, many companies that provide outsourced employment opportunities require that you have a landline phone.

Residential telephone service is relatively economical, minus long distance, especially, noting that most mobile service plans include unlimited local and long distance calling and, accordingly, mobile phones can be used to make long distance calls.

If you’re someone who makes a lot of long distance calls, you should consider acquiring unlimited long distance service on your residential phone. Overuse of mobile phones period pose health risks associated with cellular radiation. There are cheap devices that can be purchased and installed in cell phones to protect users from radiation, and all cell phone marketers should carry and sell them. Everyone should have a landline residential phone, and at least one that is corded, for the previously stated reasons, however.

Taxi and Employer Ridesharing Programs and Apps


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A substantial number of persons do not acquire or sustain employment opportunities simply because they cannot get to and from work. Lack of transportation should never be the reason that an employee and/or job candidate misses out on working, however. Taxi companies and employers, large and smaller companies, should offer their own ride-sharing programs and have corresponding apps that could be utilized to view the locations and destinations of travelers and match potential ride sharers. Companies could additionally purchase and give or sell low-cost cars that are in good condition to employees.

Employer Ridesharing Programs

Employer ridesharing programs would consist of ridesharing networks of employees of specific companies that would have their own customized apps. Employees could utilize the apps to connect with and join or create carpools for which they would utilize their own personal vehicles, request a shuttle pick-up from home (if their employers have or would acquire shuttles for this purpose), or to join taxi carpools and share fare with co-workers and/or others traveling in the same direction, preferably the same co-workers and/or other persons on a routine basis. They would additionally utilize the app to withdraw from a carpool or to call off a pick-up on any given day.

The prescribed customized rideshare apps would work similarly to other already existent rideshare apps. The app users would type their location and destination addresses where prompted and the app would instantaneously exhibit nearby drivers and riders traveling in the same direction.

The app user would select the request to share a ride icon, indicating the time that they must arrive at their destination. Other interested app users or taxi drivers utilizing the apps could accept or ignore the request(s).

Company Carpools

Employees with cars or other vehicles could earn additional income by picking up and/or dropping off co-workers at home on their routine routes to and from work, while simultaneously saving commuting costs for each member of the carpool. In addition to creating carpools via the prescribed company apps, employees interested in creating carpools could advertise their availability to pick up and/or drop off co-workers by creating and distributing and/or posting flyers on designated company information boards.

Company Shuttles that Retrieve and Carry Employees Home

Companies that have or would consider acquiring shuttles could utilize them to pick employees up from home or designated localities and deduct ride-sharing costs from subject employees’ pay.

Company Disbursal or Sale of Low-cost Up-to-Par Cars to Employees

Companies could additionally issue coupons or vouchers to employees to purchase used or recycled cars that are in good condition or companies could have their own car lots that might consist of a conglomeration of vehicles that they purchase wholesale and sell to employees for significantly discounted rates, here too deducting costs from the subject employees’ pay…

A Routine Ride-sharing Payroll Deduction

Employers could offer a routine employee ride sharing payroll deduction option to all employees or simply deduct this conservative fee for the benefit or potential benefit of any and all employees, who should additionally be capable of utilizing the service to have repairs made to any vehicle in their plan that they own or are purchasing.


Carpools are nothing new. Information about carpooling can be found on state websites. Ride sharing programs and apps already exist, and most people have probably heard of them, though most who would benefit from them are likely not familiar with or trusting of them. The prescribed would remedy this. Companies thrive on the presence of their employees. Helping dedicated workers get to work would help companies retain business and workers. Taxis and the personal vehicles of employees who drive to work have multiple seats. Certain companies have or could readily acquire shuttles. Why not make them useful and generate supplemental revenue while saving costs for subject commuters.

Who Santa Claus Really Is…

There’s an air of mystic about Santa Claus, though most of us are aware that, literally speaking, he is an invented and immortal persona based upon the life of a Turkish monk named Nicholas who acquired the title of saint because of his kindness/generosity to and protection of the poor, etc.

Santa Claus is derived from St. Nicholas’s knickname, Sinterklaas (a shortened form of Sint Nikolaas (Dutch)). He is otherwise referred to as Kris Kringle or Christkind and/or Father Christmas, names that best depict Who He really is, a rewarder of righteousness Who travels by sky. Christ and each of us are His gifts to the world…

Germanic paganism, perhaps, specifically the celebration of a midwinter event called Yule, influenced the celebration of Christmas or the birth of Christ during winter rather than in the spring, when He was likely born. Though the long-bearded god Wodan (Norse Odin), who is said to lead a ghostly procession or wild hunt across the sky on his horse during this period of time, influenced development of Santa Claus (a Satanic figure or “Satan Claus,” according to some), there simply are no menaces of the sort who reward the good.

The Bible informs that Christ Himself and/or the Shekinah is a rewarder of righteousness Who is returning by the sky. Not only is He not affected by the cold or any extremities of weather, when He returns, there will be no more seasons, only warmth year-around. Santa Claus is hence the Creator and King of the Universe. He has a list that He is checking twice, of the naughty and of the nice who are written in the Book of Life, and both the living and those who have fallen asleep shall be awakened to meet Him in the air.