All schools, particularly those with early childhood programs with scheduled napping periods for students and/or SpED programs that require accommodations for older students with uncontrollable biological functions, should have laundry facilities. Instructors should not be required to personally wash students’ linen off the clock utilizing their own personal resources (time, washing machines, electricity, water, and/or funds for use of Laundromats, detergent, etc.) without compensation or reimbursement.

Requiring instructors to remove school property, especially for the noted purposes, presents a conflict of interest and contravenes existent labor laws.

School laundry duties should be delegated to housekeeping employees (who generally work later than instructors) at each respective school. The housekeepers who would be assigned to laundry duties would retrieve linen from pre-k/head start or EC and relevant SPED instructors on Friday afternoons after napping periods, or instructors could personally deliver their linen and other relevant items to school laundry facilities.

Each instructor should be distributed a laundry bag with, preferably, a detachable translucent pouch into which the instructor’s name tag and a laundry verification log could be inserted (the noted pouches would be removed when the laundry bags are washed).

School laundry attendants (housekeepers) would wash, fold, and place the linen and any other items that the instructors may have designated for washing in each instructor’s respective laundry bag, initial and date the laundry verification log where appropriate, and reinsert it into the pouch behind the instructor’s identification label.

Instructors could opt to personally wash their students’ linen, etc. utilizing school laundry facilities, but school property should not leave school, and no work off the clock or use of personal resources should be required.