Manual registration of students or completing essentially the same lengthy applications during student enrollment periods each year is wasteful of time and resources, considering especially the practicality of online registration, via which rendered information can be saved, and would only require updating of any changed information during successive years, or as needed.

Online registration should be a requirement for all schools, to facilitate the process for parents/guardians and for clerical staff charged with the responsibility of entering data from forms into registration or student information portals, noting that parents/guardians would best assure that information that is electronically stored for students is accurate.

Once registered, parents/guardians should also be capable of viewing and printing students’ course schedules and syllabi, supplies lists, verification of enrollment, official and unofficial transcripts (which should consist of grades, etc. from every K-12 school attended), report cards and completed assignments from any period, standardized test scores, and ACT and/or SAT scores.

Dual Enrollment

Parents/guardians should also be capable of registering students for dual enrollment* during said registration periods via relevant district registration portals for attended high schools (*college classes offered to high school students at select colleges, i.e. the University of Memphis, LeMoyne Owen College, Christian Brothers University, Victory University, the Tennessee Technology Center of Memphis, Tennessee State University, and Southwest Tennessee Community College in Memphis http://mcsk12.worldspice.net/de/).

Parents/guardians should additionally be capable of registering dual enrollment and other students and/or their households for student housing, noting that priority should be given to homeless students and their families as with placement.

Extending Pre-registration Periods

On-line pre-registration periods should begin as early as possible, i.e. shortly after the end of each previous school year through the beginning of each new school year, so that any public facilities, like local libraries as may be utilized are not over-attended at any given time by those registering students.

Registration Accommodations

During the final day of or a few days preceding the final day of registration, schools should make computers and guided assistance available to parents/guardians who have not registered students.


Universal online primary and secondary ed. registration would resolve a major bureaucracy as with traditional K-12 student registration processes, and form a solid foundation for consolidation of other student information systems.