My Response to Utah Legislator: End Compulsory Education By Diane Ravitch

Ending compulsory education would prove catastrophic. If anything they should uniformly raise the compulsory school age across the states, etc. to prevent minors from dropping out (and lower the minimum school age that children should start school). Education should also be compelled for criminal offenders and recipients of public benefits lacking high school diplomas and/or job skills, to subsequently alleviate burden on the government once the individuals become employed correlative to their education/job training. More than half of incarcerated persons lack a high school diploma. It costs roughly $6,000 to educate a student in the public school system, while it costs more than $30,000 annually to house a prisoner. Compulsory education is, thus, not only a matter of public safety, it is a matter of financial prudence, as with government spending. https://yolandamichellemartin.wordpress.com/2013/06/21/compulsory-school-attendance-up-to-graduation-or-18-years-of-age-and-an-illimitable-age-requirement-for-criminal-offenders-and-recipients-of-public-benefits/