Student information systems, like registration portals, Parent Connect, e-learning sites, i.e. EPGY (Education Program for Gifted Youth), etc., and student and staff accounts, i.e. library, cafeteria, email, etc. should be combined or accessible from a central information system that would be incorporated into the website for each relevant school and linked, accordingly, to the website for each relevant school district.

Combining student accounts and information systems would facilitate the process of schools and parents/guardians tracking all vital information of relevance to students. It would also facilitate parent/guardian and staff updating of information and account payment and/or pre-payment.

 Document Sharing

Instructors would be capable of sharing documents or blank assignments and presentations via the proposed system. Documents and presentations would be tagged and categorized by subject.

Student Assignments & Tests Saving

For quality assurance purposes, student assignments demonstrating appropriateness or inappropriateness of content, i.e. whether the material aligns with common core requirements and is not defective in inquisition technique or otherwise entailing of errors that may have negatively impacted students’ grades would be savable via the proposed student information system.

Every instructor or classroom should be disbursed a scanner, preferably with a feeder, for the purpose of scanning multiple student assignments into the prescribed school district information portals for each relevant school year and class. Parents and reviewers would be capable of viewing both student grades and assignments at any time.

Error Reporting

A comments section should be presented for each uploaded or other assignment for the recording of comments by students/parents and auditors, primarily for error reporting purposes.

Student Video Presentations

Instructors and students or parents/guardians would also be capable of uploading video presentations to the proposed system, i.e. presentations of early learning students reciting alphabets or numbers or identifying colors or months of the year, or days of the week, or of students generally conducting presentations of varied subject matter.

Online Assignments

All campus classes, with the exception of PE, the cooking elements of Teen Living (Home Economics), and projects that are designed to develop student penmanship, could optionally entail an online instructional, testing, etc. element; and, accordingly, computers would be placed in all classrooms. This would improve student learning, and save time, paper, and other resources.

Instructor-Customized Text Books

The proposed system would also allow for purchase and electronic customization of student text books; this would empower instructors or school districts to create and order only portions of textbooks as would actually be utilized for courses.

All-Subject Textbook Customization

As an option, instructors could elaborate to create a single textbook that would be entailing of all subjects; this would alleviate the burden of students carrying multiple and often sizable textbooks that are encompassing of considerable information/pages that are never utilized.

Some schools may opt for exclusive utilization of electronic textbooks and mere distribution of laptop computers, from which students would access their course e-books. Accordingly, text book publishers would charge standard textbook rates for e-book access codes for each student, and for each subject; and the codes would be recyclable to succeeding students up until publication updates.

Homework and General Education Chat Lines

Homework and general education chat lines for students, instructors/tutors, and parents with questions that they may not be able to otherwise find answers for should also be incorporated into the proposed information system.

Electronic Employee Attendance Tracking

Educational staff would be capable of viewing their attendance, i.e. arrival and departure time and total hours worked at each relevant school via the proposed information system, which would be linked with school sign-in kiosks and substitute placement systems like Smartfind Express (As a best practice, all staff, including substitutes, should be required to sign in on the kiosks, in lieu of or in addition to manually signing in).

Student-Instructor Tracking Network

A student-instructor tracking network would allow teachers to upload and tag class photographs, and to keep track of their students throughout succeeding grade or school years, college, etc.

High School Graduation/Exit Portfolios

All high school students should be required to complete a graduation or exit portfolio that would entail a student resume, a budget or projected budget, and an essay reciting their short term and long term personal and career goals. The portfolios would be uploadable via the Student Assignments and Saving feature of the proposed student information system. A distinctive site for specialized portfolios, i.e. art, photography, etc. that would be viewable by college recruiters, etc. would also be incorporated into the proposed student information system.

Student Budget or Projected Budget Projects

Students would learn the real-life essentials of money management, as with opening and managing checking and savings accounts, insurance essentials, preparing income tax returns, and investment principles, etc.

For practical purposes, students should be required to research their career interests, paying special mind to credential requirements, and recite a plan of action for accomplishing those goals. They should additionally be required to research average salaries for their career choices as well as average costs of living to determine if their projected salaries would be sufficient to meet their projected expenses. Student resumes are an excellent way for students to articulate and stay abreast of their career goals.