International government would be as merited as local, state, and federal government, as with organization and policy development and enforcement, including development and enforcement of policies that would soundly address violent conflict, which is a chief cause of poverty in the world, and vice versa.

Creation and fortification of an international government with executive, legislative, judiciary, and military authority, and a constitution with jurisdiction over and the power to collect taxes from all nations would be a major stride towards harmonizing the global economy and establishing world peace.

The United Nations would be the most ideal international government, with membership and the authority, at present, to collect fees for peacekeeping from nearly all independent nations.

The implication of UN peace keepers in the rape of children around the world and other improprieties should disqualify them for the role, however, unless and until these issues are properly addressed…

The United Nations is also presently limited to an advisory role that is purported to persuade cooperation between existing national governments, a role that is clearly not as respected as it would be if the UN were an official global government.

…When global security, missions, and industrialization, including vitalization of developing nations, is a responsibility that is proportionately shared by all of the nations, no lone or few nations would suffer financial catastrophe endeavoring to be world police and savior.

Upon realization of this responsibility, and only then would men beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.