It is fathomable and there are already discussions of printed currency becoming obsolete and money interchange becoming exclusively electronic. This would yield a number of benefits. First and foremost, it would be sanitary.

It would additionally and significantly secure the safety of both cash and employees; there would be no more incidences of cash robberies. Electronic currency would also eliminate black markets and massive episodes of crime affiliated with them, because all monetary transactions would be tracked.

It would be impossible to unlawfully purchase guns, which should all be registered and all owners licensed. It would be impossible to unlawfully traffic drugs, people, counterfeit merchandise, etc.

Major reform programs should be enacted in and out of correctional facilities to educate and provide support to detained and other individuals who are interested in forming and developing legitimate businesses.

Electronic currency would also be a convenience for consumers, who would be privileged to electronically and remotely pay bills that they wouldn’t or couldn’t ordinarily pay where some companies do not presently accept electronic payments, or the consumer wouldn’t bother otherwise to open and use a checking account/bank card or utilize other means of making electronic payments. All eligible persons should be encouraged to open checking [and savings] accounts with local banks, and to enroll in direct deposit with their employers.

Others should be required to acquire prepaid debit cards or similar alternatives to make purchases, etc. Some companies automatically provide and pay applicable employees via prepaid debit cards…

A surge in traditional and other bank accounts would scintillate the economy while facilitating exchange between businesses and consumers. The government would additionally save the substantial revenues and other resources that it spends/utilizes to print and recycle money.