All school personnel and students should be trained on proper physical restraint procedures as with addressing students’ unruly behavior. Training school personnel/staff and students on the proper techniques of physically restraining students [and others], from early childhood to older students, etc. who are on the brink of or who are involved in fights or defiant behaviors would curtail potential harm to the subjects, the restrainers, and others.

Although there are correctional officers in most if not all schools these days, they are not omnipotent.  And, seeing that they cannot be everywhere at all times, physical restraint training for all school personnel and students would help to assure or increase likelihood that violent or potentially violent scenarios involving students or others would be appropriately addressed wherever they occur!

Proper authorities should always be contacted where circumstances require, of course; but until they are so contacted and arrive, equipping staff and students to restrain enraged students with the least threat of harm to themselves, the students, and others would be a best practice.

Such an initiative would not necessarily demand extra costs, as training of this nature could be worked into the job duties of on-site correctional officers, who should be trained in this particular area.

Campus Confinement

Schools could optionally implement their own systems of on-site confinement and/or alternative learning environments as opposed to suspending or expelling any student, with the exception of those who commit offenses that would warrant actual time served in a juvenile detention facility. Campus officers would manage such departments, which would consist of classrooms/instructors and perhaps actual cells, where some students may be detained.

Each regular instructor/classroom and all departments would be rendered the telephone number or extension to the campus security office. Instructors and other school personnel could call for removal and campus confinement of students who disobey direct orders to refrain from behaviors that contravene school policy, and such students would resume schooling, the best bet for curtailing careers of criminality, in more disciplined/controlled academic environments at their own schools.