Most students love spending time on computers, primarily playing games. Time on school computers should be a privilege that is earned by exemplary conduct and once students have completed all course work for the given day, however.

Non-educational games on school computers should be blocked, considering that there is always something that students can improve upon, and, until all course work is administered online, which is most ideal, any free time that students have should be invested in particularly any areas that they may be struggling with.

Students could likewise be introduced to applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, student email, etc. that they may be required to utilize for school projects at some point.

Typing tutorials with featured games are also ideal; and really all students should be required to learn how to type, and ever improve speed and accuracy, as typing is universal and employed in all professions, and is essential to academic success in especially higher education. Again I say, school is for learning, not for games, unless they’re educational.