A world employment and education exchange would be a transnational employment agency for all or specified ethical industries* that would facilitate the exchange of members from city to city, state to state, and nation to nation by providing transportation, housing, childcare, and other services to its employees, who’d pay set fees for said services via automatic payroll deduction (*This would NOT be an agency that would facilitate human trafficking or the marriage of children, or any other unethical practices. It would ONLY facilitate the movement of persons for acquisition of legitimate education and/or employment opportunities)…

The agency would also offer permanent employment, residential placement, and relocation assistance to members, and serve as a major vehicle of resolving the issue of poverty within the United States and the world per se, as members who may reside in localities where employment opportunities are sparse would suddenly gain access to locations where they are available…

The agency would additionally offer services to entrepreneurs for set fees, and facilitate entrepreneurial ventures for said and other members. Member fees for said purposes would be a major revenue generator for the company, which would retain a considerable portion, for profit, of wages that it would otherwise pay its employees, costs that would be determined by each employee’s income and requested services, and determined costs collected from participating entrepreneurs.

Facilitation of Business

Entrepreneurs would gain the privilege of more readily presenting their products and services to the world via company-sponsored conventions and other global platforms.

Global Rapid Rail Proliferation

Global proliferation of clean energy-powered rapid rail systems would further facilitate the proposed employment exchange, as members could travel more fluently throughout their bound localities. Incorporating rail stations into all airports, bus terminals, etc. would facilitate this process all the more…

Exchange Residences

Exchange residences would be equipped with solar panels and/or other forms of clean energy, and would include furnished and unfurnished apartments, condominiums, and other rentable homes that would be owned by the company.

Exchange residence amenities would include fitness centers, washer & dryer connections and laundry facilities, internet and cable accessibility, call centers and other work areas for work from home employees, healthy restaurants and vending machines, et cetera, et cetera.

Exchange Childcare/Early Learning Facilities

Exchange childcare/early learning facilities would be perpetual and accessible to member employees on a when-needed basis; this would include member employment and class time, as for members attending school.

Childcare would also be accessible to members for recreational and date or out nights. Members would be privileged to 12 hours of when-needed childcare for a set fee; additional time would be charged by the hour.

Exchange childcare/early learning facilities would be staffed, of course, by member employees, and would conform to all federal and state regulations and standards.

National & International Citizenship

Exchange applicants would have the option of becoming national and/or international members, thus becoming instant citizens of any choice city/state or nation, and attending any college of choice in any city/state or country without the requirement of paying out of state fees.

Stock Availability

Stock would be purchasable in the agency by the general public; and all agency employees would be automatically docked for purchase of a set number of company shares.

Application Process

The application process for employment with the agency would be completely online. Candidates would provide requested demographic information, industries to which they’re applying, and location preferences.

Selected candidates will be contacted by local company representatives and scheduled for interviews, after which the candidate will be presented with transportation and/or any other relevant accommodations.


A world employment/education exchange would significantly benefit employable displaced persons, renters (though it would be feasible for homeowners to join), adults seeking job training/advancement and placement, and those generally seeking a new start.

The said initiative would scintillate global consumer markets by connecting individuals with employment opportunities that they might not otherwise be privileged to, empowering those persons with buying power to purchase goods and services that would be farther reaching resultant of such an initiative.

It would physically connect the world (people) in a manner comparable to social media, which would also play a vital role in the said initiative, and help to move us to the places where we’d best thrive and prosper.