ALL instructional curriculums, material (assignments & tests/quizzes) and teaching methods should come from school boards to ascertain that instructors are in compliance with Common Core requirements and are utilizing best teaching techniques and instructional material.

Instructional material and methods should be determined by delegated committees who would produce said material based upon material and methods that have proven most effective. Thus, said material and methods would be gathered from the highest performing instructors.

If an instructor wishes to introduce new instructional material (including scanned documents) for consideration they should be enabled to do so, ideally through their district website. All instructional material should be approved by the relevant school district, which would assure that the material is reasonable and free of errors, before it is introduced to students.

The reason for this is that some instructors are not always in compliance with Common Core, which significantly affects students’ performance, particularly when students are tested on material that they have never been introduced to.

For example, an instructor quizzing/testing 1st and 2nd graders (and SpEd students at that) on contractions, identifying edges and vertices, and reading material or similar that is in active use in 4th grade classes, or that should be introduced no sooner than 3rd grade, all of which actually occurred at a school. A student at the same school was administered an online math test that told her that answers that she’d correctly given were wrong, a matter that I queried by calling the instructor over to witness it.  Such things not only confuse, but are discouraging to students.

At the other extreme are certain older students in Special Education classes who are capable of doing the same work as mainstream students, but may have gotten behind for whatever reasons, and are rendered substandard or lax course material that inclines them to failure and/or elongated SpEd classification when they could test out of the courses and into regular classes if they were rendered appropriate course material and instruction.

Assuring that all students are rendered appropriate course material/instruction would help to assure that all students achieve academic success. It would also alleviate burdens on instructors to perform what school boards should delegate to them based upon the very best of proven methods and material.