No one but the Lord and Heavenly hosts knows the precise date of Christ’s birth. I do know that December 25th (today) is my cousin Christopher Carl Martin’s birthday, and, ironically, his mother’s name is Mary. So happy birthday, Carl! We do know that Jesus was born likely in Spring, as shepherds were out attending to their sheep during that time.

He was born in a stable and placed in a manger (a trough from which animals eat), as the Lord would have it, as a display of His humility. Angels visited and announced him to the poor, rather than to the kings. Three wise kings (magi), who were astrologers, who’d seen His star (the Star of Bethlehem), traveled a great distance to bring Him gold, frankincense, and myrhh, however.

Though the Lord perhaps purposely concealed the specific date of Christ’s birth for knowing that it would be exploited, as is this day among many, I am yet among the consensus who agrees that we should observe His birth, and dittoing my Godparent’s assertion that Christmas is whenever Christ is born into our lives.

The Coming Kingdom

Christ’s return and establishment of the Lord’s Kingdom (government) here on earth is what truly we celebrate forward today. Despite frequent discussion in the news of unfolding prophetic events in the Middle East, most people seem to have forgotten that God ISreal, or perhaps we’ve grown immune to His miracles, and particularly that of the continuing war between the descendants of the two sons of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael. It is a war that commenced in Biblical times, and one to which only the Messiah will bring about a genuine resolution [the eschatological Anti-Christ will sign a pseudo seven-year peace treaty between the Israelis and Palestinians, according to Daniel 9:27]. In fact, Christ settles the disputes of all nations.

The Aliyah (predicted by many prophets), “going up,” or migration of the Jewish people from among the nations and to Israel preceding Christ’s return, is occurring at present, and is being facilitated by organizations like The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

While the Armageddon campaign and the subsequent return of the Lord occurs as a direct result of the division of the land of Israel, I have yet to hear of any edict expressly stating that the Israelis and Palestinians cannot live together. They are all children of Jewish Abraham.

It is that day, when all Jews and Gentiles live peaceably amongst one another, that we anticipate on this and every day until the prophecy is fulfilled. So it was written. So let it be done.

Merry Christmas & peace in the Middle East, Anno Domini