All school employee sign-in kiosks should be synced or connected in network to automated substitute systems and school district payroll departments to facilitate time reporting and payroll processes, emphasizing that all school employees and substitute instructors and assistants should be required to sign in on school kiosks…

When employees sign in and out of school kiosks their hours worked should be instantaneously reported to their relevant school district payroll office and viewable by their assigned school’s finance department and by the employee via their school district’s employee portal.

When substitutes do not report for scheduled school assignments or if they neglect to sign into the automated substitute system via the relevant school’s sign-in kiosk the system would indicate that they did not show and/or sign in. If a substitute reports for and works an assignment and does not sign in, the school would be required to verify and supplement the employee’s time.  Employees manually signing in juxtapose signing in on school kiosks would be a sound back-up plan, and would facilitate time verification in such events where employees forget to sign in on school kiosks.

Schools not reporting employees’ time worked, especially when the employees do sign in, or reporting errors that result in employees not being timely paid is a major and frequent issue, and one that simply should not be in light of available technology.