There is a way for both home business owners and public libraries to mutually benefit one another. Public libraries could offer a safe and professional platform for business exchange between owners of certain types of businesses without physical and/or commercial addresses and their clients. They could additionally avail business prospects from among regular library visitors…

Interactive business centers, distinguishable from traditional business centers in public libraries that offer resources, from books, DVDs and other similar and relevant material, would rent as needed or by-the-hour, week, month, etc. business space for specified home and/or mobile business owners, as well as conservative storage space for synonymous business material.

Business owners could schedule and post their business hours on the designated business center web page of the relevant library’s website, though some business owners might elect to conduct business by appointment, and could, accordingly, schedule those appointments via the prescribed web page.

Interactive business centers could additionally offer on-site, instant business printing services (banners, business cards, etc.), or business owners could bring and display their already existent advertisements, and remove and restore them as business demands.