Though summer is a time of the year that many students and staff anticipate, it is also a time of the year that presents challenges for students and parents and some school staff. Many parents simply cannot afford the costs of summer school or camps, etc. that offer constructive  havens for children that time of the year. School districts are also compelled to pay staff for this extended period of time that they are not working, either in the form of vacation time or unemployment, though some school staff receive neither, and while their retention is absolutely essential.

Since some schools are already open during the summer to serve student meals, and since so many students lack the resources to participate in summer camps and other programs that are designed to render constructive activities to participants, such and other schools could also offer requisite and elective courses to attendees, and employment to all relevant school staff.

Since the prescribed would be an option, and not all students would participate, school districts could place staff in other synonymous localities. For example, at local community centers, Boys and Girls Clubs, local YMCA chapters, sports camps, etc. where students would be enrolled during the summer.

School staff could otherwise be placed anywhere that there is a need during the summers; and seeing that there are so many merited causes, none should go unemployed or lacking the full pay that they would ordinarily receive throughout the course of the regular school year.