I was very impressed with an instructor who recited grace before escorting her students to the cafeteria, the first and only I’ve ever seen. I would have been/would be more impressed had/if each instructor or designated students for each class at this particular school (and all schools) did the same, or if grace had been/would be recited before the entire populace of dining students and staff at all schools. If not each instructor or designated students, the microphoned cafeteria monitor would be an ideal candidate. Meal grace recital and/or school prayer would be an act of decency and gratitude for meal, education, and synonymous provisions.

The demonstrated power of prayer in schools in a report entitled “America: To Pray or Not to Pray,” which was documented by Specialty Research Associates under the direction of David Barton, furthermore, exhibits the historic Engles v. Vitale case as one that has helped more than anything to prove the existence of a Creator Who in fact manifests and/or intervenes where He is invited and/or respected…

For example, SAT scores had been steady for many years prior to 1963, before effectuation of the Supreme Court ruling on Engles v. Vitale, which found it “unconstitutional” for state officials to compose and encourage recitation of an official school prayer in public schools (The prayer that was subject to debate in the case was simply, “Almighty God, we acknowledge our dependence on Thee and beg Thy blessing over us, our parents, our teachers, and our nation).” After removal of prayer from schools, SAT scores rapidly declined for nearly two decades, though the same test had been utilized since 1941. And in 1974-1975, during the massive proliferation of private religious schools, the rate of decline in SAT scores decreased; and, per the SAT board, SAT scores for students attending private schools were 100 points higher than those for students attending public schools, or they were at a point in the private schools where they had been in public schools before prayer was removed from them). Observably, the nation’s top academic performers come from private religious schools.

Options for Students/Parents Objected to School Prayer

Extended Reporting Times

One option for students and/or parents who are objected to school prayer would be to offer extended reporting times for those particular students, or reporting times after morning announcements, when school prayers would be recited in lieu of a moment of silence.

During breakfast and lunch periods, objected students would wait outside of the cafeteria during meal grace recital and enter after the recital.

Sound Proof Room Designation

Another option would be designation of objected students to sound-proof rooms or those in which intercoms would be turned off during morning and other announcements when prayers would be conducted.

In Summation

Occurrences after removal of prayer from schools strongly demonstrate the need for its reinstatement. We ought acknowledge our dependence on and ask His blessings over us.

We ought render thanks to the Creator for His miraculous provision of our lives, and our brilliant minds that allow us to be co-creators with Him, and in awe that no devices ever contrived by human kind compare to the complexity of our own lives. All that we learn in any educational institution, furthermore, IS gospel. For all history is His Story