Typically during inclement or extreme weather or temperatures (hot or cold) students do not or should not go onto outdoor playgrounds.  Ideally, schools would have indoor/outdoor playgrounds that students would be privileged to regardless of the weather. Indoor playgrounds would at best be connected or readily adjacent to outdoor playgrounds, and would be enclosed by preferably translucent, vinyl or acrylic walls so that students could be easily monitored. Indoor playgrounds would be conservative in size and well ventilated, of course. They’d consist of those items that you’d ordinarily see on a conventional playground, like slides, climbers, and swing sets, etc., and padded floors or safety tile. Some schools could have multiple playgrounds of the sort.

Indoor/outdoor playgrounds are also ideal in apartment and other residential communities and community centers, etc. (Indoor playgrounds in residential communities would be primarily utilized during winter months). Such facilities in apartment communities would at best be located in the front of the complexes or near rental or property management offices, where security officers are or should be stationed and might readily observe and enforce recreational and safety rules, and open and close the facilities in accordance with site policy.

Recreational facilities (i.e. club houses, basketball, tennis, and/or volley ball courts, etc.) should also be available for adults in apartment and other residential communities to better encourage public health (Apartment and other residential communities, as well as schools, etc., should be privileged to grants for said purposes).

Recreation is how best students, children, and adults acquire needed exercise during and after school and work, and it should always be a privilege that is within reach, regardless of the weather. Implementation of the prescribed would further place apartment and other residential security teams into partnership with local law enforcement and curtail criminal activity in relevant communities by rendering participants constructive havens within ready proximity.