The medical records of all persons—from birth to current— should be available via an online database that would be accessible by all relevant medical facilities and personnel. Those visiting any medical facility would be alleviated of requirement to redundantly complete often lengthy forms requesting their medical history, as this information would be accessible to relevant medical personnel by entry of their staff identification codes and codes identifying the patient, i.e. the patient’s Social Security Number or a portion of it.

The noted accounts would consist of both scanned original documents that would be submitted by all relevant medical facilities to the site as well as typed data reconciling inconsistencies. Outsourced data entrants could be hired to assist with the task for the length of time that it would take for each medical facility to submit all relevant files.

In the event that a medical web account already exists for a subject individual, the system would notify the data entrant after entrance of the patient’s or subject individual’s name and Social Security Number. At this point the data entrant would be presented with the option to “supplement records” and enter both scanned and typed records for the subject individual from the respective medical facility. If no medical web account exists for a subject individual the data entrant would open the account and enter the synonymous files; and, accordingly, other medical facilities would supplement records as warranted.

Linking to Familial Accounts

The proposed system would be capable of linking familial accounts by means of patient identification of family members and/or by blood testing, noting that a perfected system of the sort would have the potential to readily identify every blood relative of a subject individual in the world, or at least those relatives who have been blood tested for said purposes with results posted in their accounts. Other advantages of this would be that it could significantly curtail the oblivious marriage of relatives and prevent birth defects of prospective children who might otherwise be born to those blood relatives; additionally, any individual with a login to their medical accounts would be capable of accessing an alphabetized list of all of their matched blood relatives and performing searches for personal acquaintances, i.e. significant others, to determine if they are relatives.

The doctor of the subject patient would not be capable of accessing the medical records of the subject individual’s relatives without the relatives’ consent; they would be capable of extracting the subject individual’s general familial medical history from those records, however. A subject patient would also have to render written consent during every visit to any medical facility for medical staff to access their records, and by means of signing a form for said purposes.

Syncing Medical Accounts with Activity, Blood Pressure, Glucose, and Other Monitors

Comprehensive web-based medical records or accounts should also be interactive in their registering of patient vitals (blood pressure/pulse), glucose levels, and account holder activity, as for those with registered devices (i.e. Fit bit, etc.) or who’d utilize such devices in pharmacies or other approved localities.

Grocery (Food) Tracking

The proposed system could additionally track an individual’s food purchases and consumption for the purpose of proposing changes to improve the subject individual’s medical issues and general health. This could be accomplished by syncing grocery loyalty or discount cards to the medical website and/or by distribution of tracking cards to patients by their doctors for the purpose of scanning during all food purchases.

Automated Health Counseling, Texts, Emails, and Calls

The noted system would be capable of generating customized and automated health counseling to subject account holders based upon their medical history, activity, and grocery tracking, etc., and delivering such information via text, emails, and/or calls.

Appointment Scheduling

All persons registered on the proposed medical website would be capable of self-scheduling, cancelling, and/or rescheduling medical appointments.

Social Stats

The prescribed site would additionally retain social stats, i.e. income/employment or unemployment information, living arrangements, etc., for all listees, and reiterating that every person in the world should be accounted for on this site.

Facilitation of Certified & Non-Certified Medical Records Requests

The proposed system would facilitate acquisition of comprehensive medical records by individuals requesting their own records and/or other authorized persons requesting them.


The proposed comprehensive and interactive web-based medical records site would facilitate patient intake processes at medical facilities, and save time for both patients and medical staff. It would also facilitate the process of acquisition of comprehensive patient medical records. It would further help to significantly improve patient health by tracking of food purchases or consumption and patient activity, and system/physician recommendations based upon that information.