Required course text books/supplies, a course syllabus, and the ability to follow written directions and send completed assignments/projects electronically or via email are all that a student really needs to successfully complete any course from anywhere. A course lecture is essentially rehashing of material that students should have read before class. Accordingly, it should not matter if a student physically attends class or not, as long as they timely submit all assignments for a course.

Should a student have any questions they can call, email, or visit their instructors during their scheduled office hours; they can also submit assignments in person or by sliding them under their instructors’ doors, or by leaving them in their instructors’ mail boxes or with proper department staff for remittance to the proper instructors…

Outsourcing classes saves costs for students and schools, parking fees, childcare (for those relevant), etc. for students, and energy and other costs relevant to site attendance for schools. It is also environmental-friendly and empowers schools to offer enrollment to more students than they’d traditionally be capable of.