The Electronic Physician would be a compact electronic device that would be utilized to, with the exception of performing surgical procedures, better do what any physician can do, including performing blood, urine, saliva, and hair analysis, etc. An Electronic Physician would in fact consist of the devices that are utilized in traditional doctor’s offices, and would provide results that would be readily generated to the consumer rather than to a traditional doctor for reading and/or distribution to the consumer.

Photographic Recognition Feature

The Electronic Physician would also be capable of photographing skin and other conditions to corroborate diagnosis of ailments. The user would place the affected area before the camera of the device and/or move the camera to the affected area.

Drug, Poison & Other Foreign Substance Recognition Feature

The Electronic Physician would also be capable of recognizing drug, poison, and other foreign substance content in the user’s body by performance of a blood test. This feature would be particularly useful to users who may have accidentally taken the wrong or too much of a certain prescribed or other drug or supplement and/or those who may have been exposed to food or other poisoning. It would render a detailed report of all substances found, the length of time in the body, and the effects, negative and/or positive, that such substances have had on the body. It would also inform the user if the presence of any such substances require medical attention.

EPs would also allow consumers to monitor their progress or vice versa throughout administration of pharmaceuticals, etc.

Each device would be registered to a secured, HIPPA-regulated web site with the option for consumers to register for individual accounts that would keep record of all administered tests. It would also be capable of generating and emailing reports to consumers and primary care and other physicians and of generating and emailing prescriptions to pharmacists.

Public & Private EPs

Public EPs would be located in pharmacies in juxtaposition to or with blood pressure and glucose testers, digital weight scales, etc. incorporated into them.

Due to the intimate nature of certain types of examinations performed by the Electronic Physician, EPs might be placed in designated examination rooms in store and/or other pharmacies.

Electronic Physicians would also be purchasable by the general public, who’d be capable of performing routine health checks from the convenience of their homes.


Electronic Physicians would significantly improve public health by providing ready access to routine health screenings free of charge in public localities and/or for the cost of private EPs.