Every city should have its own income-contingent public storage facility and moving service to curtail episodes of evictions resulting in often substantial if not total loss and/or damage of property due to an owner’s indigence or inability to pay for moving and/or storage. No one’s belongings should ever be ejected into the streets, regardless of the circumstances. If a tenant or former tenant of any residential community is served with an eviction and cannot afford moving and/or storage services, they should be privileged to complimentary moving and storage services, on the city in which they reside, and for specified periods of time, periods that could be extended upon showing of proper cause. And cities/states would collect reasonable taxes from all residents for said purposes.

Moving & Storage Insurance

As an option, property managers could offer tenants moving & storage insurance that would cover moving and storage for specified periods of time, whether or not an eviction has occurred, the premiums for which would be included in rental payments. It would also cover the moving of property to permanent or new local residences and out of city and/or state destinations, for additional fees. Moving & storage insurance could be sold by the actual property owner and/or outsourced agents or companies. Said amounts could also be included in tenants’ rent. Moving & storage insurance could also be included in traditional renter’s insurance policies.

Property Donation after Expiration of Services & Non-Removal of Property

When stored property is not removed by service expiration dates or after expiration of extended service dates, the city/facility would donate the property to furniture banks that would reasonably sell it and pay the city/facility an established fee.

Ethics in the Industry

The prescribed industry would not be a haven for racketeers or unscrupulous individuals seeking selfish gain or to rob those who would benefit from said services of their property. It would be legitimate/ethical and salvaging of property that owners may have worked for years to acquire. Best of all, it would encourage public morale and social stability…