Every teacher/educator, I’m certain, would welcome capability of maintaining a connection with their students, to know how they’re progressing, what they’ll become, and to continue contribution to that process. A Facebook student/parent and teacher tracking application would provide that platform, and allow educators to not only connect with current and former students/parents, but with previous and succeeding instructors of their students, all of whom would form a moral support team for every student. Students of current, previous, and succeeding classes would also be capable of connecting with one another.

Each member would have their own page via which they’d share personal facts or a vitae (biographical information, accomplishments, etc.) and a summary of schools they’ve attended and/or worked. Instructors could be creative, and share class photographs, videos, etc. of each of their respective classes. Students could also share school-related photographs from on and off campus.

The prescribed application would, best of all, help to improve student academic performance and personal achievement through presentation of a forum where students/parents and teachers could readily share challenges and triumphs and work together at best solutions.