A lack of funding for attorneys to review applications for the president’s drug clemency program should not be a problem. In fact, attorneys shouldn’t even be necessary to peruse pardon applications to determine if they meet proper criteria. Any other synonymous prison staff can do that and refer applications meeting the criteria to the proper decision makers. There should be another stipulation here, however. And that should be the requirement that each candidate for pardon has a high school diploma or GED at least, or acquires it and some form of employability or job skills. They should also have completed resumes to submit with those applications and a statement of their short-term and long term goals. This is merited because our prisons spend more than $30,000 annually to house inmates. Implementation here would save the government millions of dollars. Helping this significant populace of individuals who costs the government so much in revenues each year secure employment and become productive members of society would do wonders for the economy and the common good…Responsive to http://news.yahoo.com/thousands-of-prisoners-apply-for-obama-s-drug-clemency-program-014250109.html?bcmt=comments-postbox