All external Automatic Teller Machines should be incorporated into bank and other buildings for the protection of armored guards who deliver money to them. Banks should have garages for armored vehicle entry during cash deliveries. Bank representatives would remotely open facility garage doors once armored drivers are identified via video intercoms, and close the garage doors once the armored vehicles have fully entered the facilities. The armored guards would accordingly load the external tellers from inside the banks, and without ready threat of harm and/or of losing cash during any potential robbery…

Multiple external automatic tellers could be placed on a single wall or on two or more walls, and situated with sufficient distance between them to accommodate an equal number of vehicles. This would provide increased safety to customers in that a potential robber could not easily approach a drive-through customer with such limited space between the customer’s vehicle and the wall encompassing the ATM that they’d be utilizing, whereas a potential robber could readily approach customers utilizing traditional external automatic tellers that are distanced from their branch facilities and separated by lanes and merely the compact ATMs (If there were walls on each side of each lane encasing the distanced ATM machines, and automatic doors that would open and close for each individual vehicle, including armored vehicles, however, the arrangement would suffice).

Incorporating all external automatic teller machines into building walls of banks and removing them from distanced lanes would provide additional safety to customers, etc. in that there would be ample room for driving customers to readily pull off if they feel that their safety is at risk.