All student courses and assignments, from pre-k to higher learning, and aligning with core curriculums and the technological age, should be online, eliminating need for printed course text books and assignments, and substantially reducing need for paper and other school supplies, with the exception of pens/pencils, and journals for the purpose of penmanship development, solving math problems, etc…

Course reading and assignments would be available in audible, read-along (text to speech, where imperative) modules that students would be capable of accessing at any time throughout a relevant or current school year, with the exception of testing periods.

Accordingly, all classrooms should be equipped with computers to accommodate every student, who’d have their own succinct login user names and/or passwords. This would be tantamount to every student having his or her own personal instructor, juxtapose having an instructor in the classroom, and would translate to significantly improved student academic performance.

It would also alleviate requirement for instructors to grade student assignments, with the exception of special projects, of course, as all grading with the exception of those projects would be performed via the proposed online system. It could even be programmed to grade writing assignments, i.e. typed essays and reports, checking for spelling, grammar, fluency, etc.; the proposed system could also teach and grade penmanship via electronic writing pads that would connect to student computers.

Ideally, all students would additionally be distributed home computers to continue reading and other assignments as homework, and to participate in course recovery, as needed, to prevent course failure and/or grade retention, noting that (online) course recovery should also be available to students during summer periods, free of charge.

No Physical Attendance Requirements for Traditionally Enrolled Students

Online availability of all student courses and assignments would enable any student (traditionally enrolled as well as those enrolled in K12 online public schools) to complete courses from home at any time without having to report to the physical campus or classroom, noting that this would be particularly beneficial during inclement weather and other occasions that students may not be capable or would be substantially challenged to report to the physical campus of their assigned schools. Students logging into the system would count as attendance.