Inserting tweets into blog posts or better yet a Twitter timeline into a blog [or website] not only gives the blog/website or posts visual appeal, it is an ideal method of joinder of discussion(s) or dialogue regarding issues addressed on a blog that are synonymous with discussions or dialogues addressed via the Twitter platform…

Insomuch as imbedding a Twitter timeline or individual tweets into a blog or blog post(s) can be a bit challenging, I’ll here venture to simplistically articulate methods of doing so on the WordPress.com platform:

Imbed a Twitter Timeline into Your WordPress.com Blog

To imbed a Twitter timeline into your WordPress.com blog (1) go to “Widgets” under “Appearance,” (2) drag the “Twitter Timeline” widget to the sidebar or footer widget area of your choice. (3) Click the arrow on the “Twitter Timeline” widget, and adjust the width and height of your Twitter timeline. (4) Select the number of tweets you’d like to appear on your blog. (5) Click on the “create a widget at Twitter.com” link beneath “# of Tweets Shown.” (6) Sign into your Twitter account, as prompted, and choose your timeline source (“User timeline,” “Favorites,” “List,” “Search,” or “Collection”). (7) Click “Create Widget,” save changes, and copy and paste ONLY the numbers that appear in the generated code into the Widget I.D. box of the Twitter timeline widget area of your blog. (8) Make any other prompted adjustments to your Twitter timeline. (9) Click on “Visibility” beneath the “Timeline Theme” box, and select where you’d like for your Twitter timeline to appear on your blog, i.e. “Show if” “Page” and “Posts page.” (10) Click “Save,” and voila! (11) Click on the appropriate page(s) of your blog to view your Twitter timeline. (12) Make any needed adjustments.

Imbed Individual Tweets into Posts

To imbed individual tweets into posts, (1) click the “Add Media” icon located above the draft box of an open new or previous post that you are editing. (2) Click “Insert Tweet,” and select either “All,” “With Hashtag,” “By User,” “To User,” or “Location,” and type or copy and paste the Twitter username of the originator of the tweet(s) that you wish to imbed into your post. (3) Click “Insert Tweet” and “Publish” (if it is a new post) or “Update” (if you are editing a previous post). (4) Click “Preview” to peruse the newly imbedded tweet.

An Alternative Method of Inserting Tweets into Posts

An alternative and perhaps easier method of locating specific tweets that you’d like to insert into posts would be to click “Notifications” in the top left corner of your open Twitter page, if you personally interacted on the dialogue that you’re seeking to add, scroll down to the tweet(s) that you wish to insert, click “Expand” beneath the original tweet and/or “View Conversation,” if you merely wish to insert a specific response or responses separate from the original post. Click “Details” once the tweet is expanded, and copy and paste the URL from the web address box at the top of the page. Click the “Add Media” icon above the draft box of the open new or previous post that you are editing. Click “Insert from URL,” insert the copied URL into the prompted area, and click “Insert into post.”

It is also possible to retrieve a dialogue or specific portions of a dialogue by scrolling through posts of other Twitter users who’ve interacted on the conversation of subject, and following the remnant of the stated procedures.