Nearly all especially older schools have old clocks that are no longer in use or are not set at the right time. Some newer clocks, as I have observed at numerous schools I’ve visited, are neither set at the right time. Some require setting to align with Daylight Savings Time or vice versa, and some simply need new batteries, while others may be irreparably damaged.

While older dysfunctional clocks in schools may bear testament to a school’s origins or earlier days in time, they also tend to communicate that their settings (localities) are a bit behind the times, whether they really are or not.

It is imperative that all school clocks are reflective of the accurate time so that staff and students, etc., specifically those who may lack watches and/or could not conveniently pull out a cell phone to peek out the time (or perhaps they’re not permitted to do so) can stay abreast of when they should report to classes, meetings, etc.

Point blank, those older and other clocks that are no longer working should be taken down. Those that require new batteries should be provided with them, and/or should be set to reflect the accurate time and times.