I was assigned the duty of working with several regular education instructors on varied days last week and the week preceding, and I realized during the course of those classroom tours the need for a solid point of reference for all instructors to verify elements of instructional material that they may be in doubt of before rendering the information to students. This doesn’t so much apply to that instructor who spelled dinosaur d-i-n-o-s-a-r, as she could have and should have readily resorted to any dictionary (printed or electronic) in her classroom/the school for the accurate spelling…

I was more concerned with a teacher who proudly instructed her students to add an apostrophe to the end of a singular proper noun that ended in s, to show possession. She specifically asserted that an apostrophe should be added to the end of the name Chris (Chris’), instead of adding an apostrophe and an s (Chris’s), which is accurate…

When I endeavored to explain that that particular rule* typically applied to nouns ending in s that were plural [i.e. the Joneses’], she confidently affirmed that her method was right (*an apostrophe is utilized after the s in some names that end in s to show possession, not for the name Chris, however).

I worked with another instructor who had a series of grammatically inept questions written on her easel pad, and students, of course, mimic what they are taught, which may be negatively reflected during tests.

All school districts should offer or perhaps require all educators to participate in seminars in which common mistakes that instructors make and any other questions that they may have regarding instructional material would be clarified.

Verified online resources should also be available to instructors to clarify any information that they may have need of clarifying. A chat feature would also be ideal on such a website, which should be sponsored by the school district and/or the Department of Education, or other appropriate sources.

Most importantly, the educational authorities should emphasize to all educators the need and requirement to rectify/inform students of any fallacious or inaccurate instruction that they may have given. We all make mistakes, but they are only vain when we do not correct them.