There is a far more important role that school web/content developers can play in the academic setting than the development and maintenance of overall school websites. That role is assisting ALL instructors with development and maintenance of their own classroom websites, which, as I have previously emphasized, can have a major impact on student academic performance.

All instructor websites should consist of personalized greeting/home pages, a core curriculum page that would outline the curriculum for the specific grade(s) that they are teaching, with a link to a printable course syllabus articulating instructor contact information and planning periods, classroom rules, and a schedule of assignments.  Instructor websites could also provide links to online tutorials, videos, and/or educational games for each synonymous element of the curriculum, a contact page, etc.  

Edublogs is a popular web platform for educators http://edublogs.org/ that could be utilized for said purposes. All instructor websites should be incorporated into their relevant school websites and vice versa.