School employees with children who are attending schools other than those for which they are employed should be privileged to flexible scheduling that would allow drop-off and pick-up time for their children. Time for those periods could be deducted from breaks or a portion of breaks that subject employees are privileged to, noting that teachers and paraprofessionals could bring or purchase meals in school cafeterias or vending machines to eat during their students’ dining periods.

To the most reasonable extent possible, school employees with children should be placed at or near schools that their children are attending. This could be determined via query on school employment applications, or distinct queries that would be distributed to existent school employees. It could also be determined via query on student enrollment/registration applications. The noted queries would be juxtaposed questioning as to if the applicant has any challenges getting their children to and from school, and if they desire to be placed at or near schools attended by their children (if their work hours and the hours of schools attended by their children do not jibe, or for other reasons).

When school employees and prospects have indicated that they have children attending schools within their districts, either via employment applications or query otherwise, or via registration processes for their children, delegated human resources personnel in their respective school districts would work to place them as close as possible to their residence and/or where their children are attending school. This could also entail school districts moving staff from certain schools to others to achieve the purported balance.

Our school districts, as providers of education for our children, and as employers of parents of many of those children, are in a unique position to better empower those parents and their children/students, in terms of alleviating employment barriers, and barriers to resources, accordingly, that are crucial to parent and student success…