All school workers, not merely certified instructors, etc., should be paid their average salary during summer vacations, because they are expected to return from “between school terms,” and because they continue to have need of human resources during those periods. No school employees should be forced to routinely rely upon crisis relief agencies to pay their rent or mortgage, utility, and/or other bills, etc. during those two months that they are unable to earn wages, considering especially that such assistance is not always guaranteed, in light of demand for them.

Lack of work and pay during summer breaks creates routine crisis for thousands of school employees each year, and not only for those employees, but for their families, including minor children. Despite fervent effort, many school workers are simply unable to find summer employment, and, even worse, they are unable to acquire unemployment benefits, though, under normal circumstances, a “lack of work” is a viable qualifier for unemployment.

Ideally, all school workers, or as many as possible, would be put to work each summer, either within or at other localities assigned by their school districts. The truth is that there is great need for constructive programs in which students can participate during the summer. Why not have regular school employees to oversee programs of this sort.

As I have previously emphasized, there is an abundance of wealth in education (even more so than in professional sports) that should be profitable to school districts. That wealth is so abundant that the industry should not lack anything that it, or any of its employees or students, stands in need of, at any time of the year…