School Depot is one of many potential names for mega wholesale/retail stores that would market school-related products and would be owned by Departments of Education or a global education entity and would be franchised by public school districts worldwide that would invest profits into education…

School Depot and/or other stores of its sort would market student and educator/classroom supplies (from Smartboards to laptops), uniforms, and other popular clothing items, shoes,* and accessories, etc. (*the popular shoes alone would reel in billions).

School Depot would also produce and distribute catalogs, and have an online store from which purchases could be made. The schools [and others] would be capable of purchasing bulk supplies, for storage and administrative use, and to stock their campus supplies stores. They’d also be capable of having such items delivered by local School Depot distributors.

School Depot would be a major stride towards financing education, or components of it that would not otherwise be afforded within our and every nation of the world.