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One of the major drawbacks to use of remote security companies, like ADT, etc., is that, though such companies are able to remotely monitor activities surrounding and within a customer’s home or commercial property, and to dispatch the authorities as warranted, the dispatched authorities are not always readily available or within vicinity of occurring criminal acts. A neighbor may be within vicinity and can assist with restraining and/or warding off a culprit, however, and as a security/law enforcement affiliate.

Remote security companies should offer monetary rewards to program affiliates, who could be essentially anyone, but preferably those who would be trained* in the use of and are licensed to carry/utilize firearms, etc., and who would intervene during occurrence of criminal acts upon a call or text from the security company or law enforcement agency (*Said security companies and/or law enforcement agencies could optionally provide this training, and provide hand cuffs, and other relevant equipment to affiliates, who would be paid per incident, or upon successful resolution of an incident).

The program would work by utilization of a mobile app that would locate, contact, and dispatch the nearest law enforcement affiliate to an occurring crime, while city police are en route to the locality. If that contacted individual is not available the next nearest individual would be contacted and dispatched.

Facebook Crime Stopper App

A Facebook Crime Stopper app would utilize the Facebook location tracking feature to readily signal occurrence of and even stream live footage of occurring criminal activity. The app would benefit law enforcement, smaller security teams (i.e. those within schools, apartment communities, etc), and the general public, all of whom would be capable of viewing the activity…

The Facebook Crime Stopper App, which would also consist of a likable fan page, would essentially involve the whole community in occurring criminal acts, noting that very often teams of concerned neighbors/citizens have successfully intervened to stop crime and subdue culprits until arrival of authorities.

Anonymous Culprit Tagging/Identification Feature

Facebook account holders should be capable of anonymously tagging and/or identifying culprits within the comment section for posted photographs on the Facebook Crime Stopper page.

User Tracking & Accountability

Users who utilize the app could also be tracked, though their identities would always remain anonymous. The same tracking feature could and should land users into serious trouble for making false reports.

Training and Licensing Law Enforcement Affiliates to Properly Utilize Firearms

Affiliates who are trained and licensed to carry and utilize firearms would be favorably viewed by law enforcement agencies should they desire to acquire formal employment in the law enforcement industry.                                             Notwithstanding, requirement that all gun owners be trained on proper use of firearms and other methods of criminal restraint for the purpose of minimizing fatalities and injuries to culprits and others, prior to and as a term of issuance of gun licenses, and requiring that licensed gun owners register all guns within their possession, would best equip and empower communities to be partners of the law…

Said programs would save customers and insurance companies a lot of cash that they’d dish out paying for theft or damages to customers’ property and persons,* lacking an affiliate’s intervention (*Remote security/law enforcment affiliate intervention programs would, most importantly, save lives). Said programs would, accordingly, be funded through partnerships with remote security and residential/commercial insurance companies, and through other agencies, like Crime Stoppers, etc.

The prescribed program would significantly decrease episodes of criminal activity because the distance of a dispatched police officer from the locality of any act in progress would be much less of an issue.

Multiple trained law enforcement affiliates/residents being within vicinity of any occurring criminal act, and being simultaneously contacted to intervene upon said acts, and to apprehend/detain, and hold a culprit until arrival of police would be enough to deter and/or stop most crime in its tracks…