Famous names or those that are popular in search engines, or that have frequent interaction on social media platforms like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. could easily reel in substantial earnings for subjects, who would simply post comments, videos, etc. as they normally would. This would require partnership development between the prescribed social media networks and advertising programs like Adsense, Adwords, Word ads, etc., and/or the prescribed social media platforms could offer similar advertising programs. Famed name bloggers/social media account holders would allow for exhibition of niche-relevant advertisements* on their platforms, i.e. a professional or former pro basketball player would allow for ads by their teams/team members [or former] and/or other NBA or NCAA teams or players, popular shoe and decorated apparel brands, like Nike, Reebok, Converse, Adidas, etc. (*bloggers/social media account holders could also pay for their own advertisements to appear on others’ platforms). A recording artist would allow for exhibition of advertisements of concerts, etc. of other recording artists within their genre that would not conflict with their own scheduled events, of course. They could also allow for advertisement of awards programs, like the Grammy’s, etc., and fashion labels, perfumes/cologne, accessories, etc… Famed-name bloggers and/or social media account holders would select via account settings of their blogs and/or social media sites from a list of advertisements (and/or searched options) that they’d like to appear on their platform pages, and would be paid per click on those selected advertisements, etc., or similar to traditional pay per click blogging programs…