Internet radio websites (i.e. iheart, Pandora, AOL, MySpace, etc.) should also avail listeners the privilege of not only hearing, but seeing the corresponding videos of their favorite songs/recording artists, and without interruption, or going into sleep mode in the middle of the music (which occurs when listening via computer), or without being asked if they are still listening.

This could be accomplished via Artists’ TV, which would avail internet radio/television websites and the relevant traditional television networks and artists the privilege of increasing/facilitating earnings from said sources.

Artists’ TV

All recording artists would literally have their own TV or television/radio stations that would be accessible via a traditional television network/channel or multiple networks/channels amongst competitors, i.e. paid cable and/or other channels.

Accordingly, subscribers would not be required to connect wiring from the central processing units of their computers to their television sets whenever desiring to watch Artists’ TV or any other web-based entertainment sources, etc. that would be accessible via traditional television network/channels.

The prescribed could be accessible via traditional internet sources by selection of a television/video option from subscribers’ internet radio accounts, though it should not be necessary for a subscriber to log into their accounts to view Artists’ TV on a television.

Artists’ television/radio options and artists would be alphabetically listed on said television/radio network(s), and subscribers would still have the option of creating or adding artists’ television/radio channels to their personalized accounts, and alternating amongst those stations.

Concert & Other Live Performance Showings

Internet radio/TV could include pre-recorded and live performances of and periodic greetings* and/or messages by, and even reality television showings of recording artists (*This would include general and holiday greetings, and acknowledgement of causes that artists support and/or are actively involved in). The artists’ would record and upload their own footage to their radio/TV stations.

Artists could also market their businesses and/or products (CDs, videos, t-shirts and other apparel and accessories, fragrances, posters, calendars, pillows, blow up dolls, personalized greeting cards & other items,* downloads, ring tones, etc.) on their internet radio/television platforms via professional advertisements.

*Personalized greeting cards, balloons, etc. would entail a play of artists’ selected songs upon opening of the cards, tapping of the balloons, etc., noting that singing greeting cards & balloons are already existent, and would only need marketing/proliferation as here prescribed.

Personalized greeting cards, etc. could also be sold in music and other stores that market music CDs/videos, stereos, and other relevant equipment and/or accessories.

Pay Per View Live/Interactive Concert Attendance

Subscribers would be capable of virtually attending live concert performances and even interacting with artists, or having a spotlight during those shows via electronic video conferencing and mega flat screen televisions or monitors that would be mounted around the arenas or other localities of their performances.

Payments for virtual attendance would be made via debit or credit card, or would be billed via relevant cable service providers, which would retain their share of fees and pay the artists their fair share of revenues.

Special & Other Showings of Artists’ Virtual Concerts at Night Clubs, Etc.

Night clubs and other localities, locally and globally, could also give special showings of artists’ live concerts via video conferencing/mounted mega screen televisions.

Said night clubs, etc. would be charged congregational costs for showings based upon attendee capacity and/or average or anticipated attendance, or actual RSVP.

Said night club and/or other management would recover their costs and profits by including them in their admissions prices.

Marketing of Artists’ Products and Endorsed Causes at Night Clubs

Said night clubs, etc. could also market artists’ products, i.e. t-shirts and/or those for special causes that they endorse, etc., during virtual showings. They could optionally include costs of t-shirts and/or other products of the sort in admissions prices, and require attendees to wear them for live or pre-recorded greetings to the relevant artists and/or specific subjects of endorsed causes, etc. during the concerts (Night clubs, etc. could also market artists’ and other products regularly).

Artists’ Greetings to Select Virtual Attendees

Select night clubs, etc., i.e. those with the highest attendance reports and/or that raise the most money for causes that the artists endorse, or individuals with health conditions or who are among the members of underprivileged and/or other groups that the artists support could receive special, virtual acknowledgement by the artists/their audiences during their concerts.

Management representatives of the said night clubs, etc. could render greetings from their attending audiences.

Greetings could be live or pre-recorded and played during the concerts and/or uploaded or posted to the dashboards of artists’ radio/television stations, from which the artists could make the greetings public or watch them privately.

Fans could optionally be enabled, at any time, to upload video greetings, photographs, etc. that the artists could also make public and/or watch privately.

Social Media/Website Advertisement

Artists’ social media sites/pages, which are already utilized to advertise their concerts, etc. could also be tweaked to enable purchasing of artists’ products, including tickets to both live and virtual concerts, music downloads (including ring tones), etc., for proper costs, and/or relevant social media pages could direct fans to artists’ personal websites via which any and all such products would be purchasable.

Artists could also publish the links to their radio/television stations on their social media fan pages, and, as I’ve previously, discussed, enjoy pay-per-click revenues for such and other activity on those pages.

Concert & Other Archives

Artists could record and upload all of their concerts to their radio/television channels, and be paid per play of each video or audio and/or showing of advertisements. They could also make hard copies of any and all such videos or audios available for purchase. They could additionally upload any and all other videos, interviews, etc. in which they are featured.

Annual Artists’ Radio/TV Awards

Artists could receive awards or special recognition each year from Internet radio/TV networks, etc., based upon their ratings (listens/views) or profitability to advertisers.


The prescribed would provide music fans with a variety of exciting options for listening and viewing the music and videos and purchasing the products of their favorite recording artists.

It would also generate multiple revenue sources (including revenue from multiple radio/television stations on varied networks, virtual concert showings, and other relevant/niche advertisements) for platform providers and recording artists, and secure ongoing income for the artists long after their career highs.