Every classroom should have a computer for every student, and all course work should be completed on and graded by the computer, including any and all work to develop student penmanship, which is feasible by use of electronic pens and pads that can be plugged into the standard desk or laptop computer.

This would be tantamount to rendering every student their own personal instructor, and traditional teachers would continue in their roles of physical instructors who would be there to explain anything to students that they’d need elaboration on, and to maintain order, of course.

Instructors should additionally be capable of monitoring student sessions and progress from their own computers, and even electronically chatting with students who are not on task or appear to require additional assistance.

The proposed would assure that every student is getting the individual attention that they need. It would improve student academic performance. And, equally important, it would alleviate teacher burnout, increase productivity, and reduce attrition.