More and more commercial pencil sharpeners are disappearing from classrooms, and often the few instructors who do still have them are overwhelmed by students from other classes, which means early wear and tear on the very few or only pencil sharpeners in some schools.

Though it is ultimately the responsibility of parents to provide school supplies to students, frequently students deplete their supplies, more often pencils and personal pencil sharpeners, before parents are able to replace them. Pencils also frequently become dull or incur broken lead over the course of the school day, or students may lose or have their pencils stolen…

Every classroom should have loaner pencils/erasers and a working commercial pencil sharpener, considering the typically brief usage that students acquire from smaller, personal pencil sharpeners. Every major school office should also have a commercial pencil sharpener and extra pencils in the event that instructors deplete their loaner supplies and have need of them.

Students should have access to sharpened pencils/erasers at all times. No student should be unable to complete an assignment or take a test or quiz simply because they lack a sharpened pencil.

The fixed classroom pencil sharpener and teachers’ loaner pencils/erasers should continue in tradition until pencils are no longer a requirement in, hopefully, the not so distant future of our technological age.