A mere check mark on a graded assignment is never appropriate, unless all of the answers on the assignment are correct, which should be indicated, if so. If any of the answers are not correct, the grading instructor or paraprofessional should check inaccurate answers wrong, even if students are provided full credit for completing the assignments…

The grading instructor or parapro should also provide, in a distinct color of ink, the correct answers and/or a demonstration of how to arrive at the correct answers to each sort of problem on the assignment(s).

Instructors can optionally require students who miss problems on assignments to read or re-read their text books or source material where directed to retrieve and provide the correct answers as homework. If the students are still unable to provide the correct answers to problems that they miss, the instructor or parapro should definitively provide the correct answers to those problems.

Providing feedback on students’ graded assignments is a very important and vital component of the student learning process that is often disregarded, though it should never be.

Technology-based learning can and should facilitate the grading and feedback rendering process, of course. Until then, instructors should endeavor as much as is reasonably possible to render sufficient feedback to students on all of their manually graded assignments…