School bus riders should not be exposed to the elements while waiting for school buses during rain and other inclement weather. School bus stops can and should be provided shelters after the likes of public or city bus shelters that provide sheer, vinyl canopies for waiting bus riders.

Schools should also market inclement weather supplies in their stores for student walkers, etc., i.e. umbrellas and rain coats, and/or disposable rain ponchos and shoe covers that would shield students and their book bags, notebooks, shoes, etc. from precipitation and standing water.

Parents, etc. could readily place orders for any of the noted and other supplies via schools with online stores or call-in privileges for purchases and deliveries and/or retrievals.

School bus stop shelters, umbrellas, rain coats, et cetera, et cetera could bear the names and logos of respective schools as a display of school patriotism and creativity.

In summation, student bus riders should be shielded from the rain and other precipitation while waiting for school buses, and inclement weather supplies should always be available in school supplies stores for student walkers, etc. in need of them…