I am in the process of pruning and tweaking comments on my/this blog, which is a very tedious process, considering that I frequently receive thousands of comments and links from spammers. I recently retained nearly 40,000 comments in the spam folder of this blog. After many deletions and un-spamming/stripping of URLs from several comments that appear at least to be legitimate, I’ve decreased that number to the 20,000s; and I’m further determined to decrease the number to zero, as soon as possible. What is most bothersome is that I’m deleting comments from many of the same individuals or sources over and over again.

I was just thinking of how wonderful it would be if, in addition to the “Not Spam” and “Permanently Delete” buttons, there were buttons to “Block” and/or “Report” abusive or aggressive spammers,* as opposed to merely placing them on a blacklist to assure that their comments or links do not appear on any posts without perusal and moderation (*duplicates of blocked and/or reported comments should be extemporaneously or simultaneously deleted).  I’ll venture further to say that incorporation of the proposed buttons into all blogs should be required by law.

Merely placing annoying spammers on blacklists to be routed to spam folders may protect a blog from harm or reduction of a site’s Google rank or score, but it grievously burdens bloggers to delete those comments from spam folders to access comments that are potentially merited. It can take several days or even weeks to do this.

Bloggers should invest the bulk of the time that they spend on their sites into blogging and/or build-up and improvements, not having to repeatedly delete comments from the same annoying spammers.