Computer areas in public libraries would ideally be separate from reading areas and/or computer areas should be inhabited within soundproof enclosures or rooms to allow for use of phones without disturbance to other patrons.

Frequently, computer users need to telephone contacts or companies regarding instructions on accessing or maneuvering through their websites or about what information to enter where in an online database, i.e. which of various unspecified numbers on a printed statement is an account number or a solicited code to be entered in a particular field during a payment transaction.

It inconveniences patrons to have to report to traditionally designated areas for phone usage to telephone companies or contacts regarding matters that they are attending to on computers. Personal information may also be inappropriately exposed or even lost during this time, even considering that users are typically capable of locking computers during their sessions.

There could be a number of reasons why specifically computer users in a public library might need to use their cell or a public phone. Consideration should be rendered to this fact, and the rules and structural arrangements of libraries should be adjusted accordingly.