After the first meeting of a Weight Watchers membership the primary reason that members should meet is to exercise. Participants learn the details of how the Weight Watchers points system* works during that initial meeting.

(*The points system is the core component of the Weight Watchers program)

Though some distinct pointers, new recipes, etc. are introduced in subsequent meetings, everything after that initial meeting is essentially reiteration of information learned in that first meeting.

Some Weight Watchers facilities already have space provisions for exercise equipment. For example, a Weight Watchers facility in Memphis has a large open space in the front of the building, where products (which could be enclosed within shatter proof glass) are on display. Exercise equipment, i.e. treadmills, Tread climbers, recumbent bicycles, etc., could be placed in this particular area.

The traditional Weight Watchers meetings that occur in a room behind the receptionist’s desk would continue in practice while other members could exercise in the front of the facility, as prescribed, and/or members could exercise after their respective meetings and receive coaching from Weight Watchers trainers/staff.

Regular Weight Watchers Walking & Outings Clubs

Weight Watchers should also have regular walking and outings clubs into which members could enroll and enjoy congregational extra-curricular activities, like hiking, bicycling, swimming, etc., not merely the annual 5-k walks and other brief ventures.

Though diet accounts for 70% of weight loss and maintenance of ideal weight, exercising significantly curbs the appetite. Some members do not have support systems beyond the quaint/once per week Weight Watchers meetings, and Weight Watchers should provide that support, which would see far greater program success rates…