The ultimate resolution to global conflicts is formal establishment of an international government with a mega militia that would be comprised of troops from every point of the globe and that would be proportionately funded by every nation of the world via taxes or fees that each would be required to pay for such [and other purposes], which would alleviate any lone or few nations of the duties of being world police and/or providing more than their fair share of monetary and other resources for resolution of global conflicts and peace keeping missions. This would save the government of the United States, which currently spends nearly as much as all other nations combined on global military ventures, several billion dollars annually.

The said militia, which should literally and significantly outnumber and overwhelm culprits by strategic design and by use of the best available technology and other resources, would be granted the lawful authority to intervene upon and arrest all involved in global conflicts, particularly those found to be in contempt of court and other judicial orders.

All culprits who are knowingly involved in global conflicts should first and foremost be served with subpoenas from the International Court of Justice or World Court and required to answer to charges/violations, while availed the full privilege of due process of law.

Representatives of all embattled nations should be granted the opportunity to thoroughly plead their cases, which should be soundly resolved by the World Court, which should have and enforce a policy of zero tolerance for global conflict.