Craigslist and other internet marketing platforms should establish formal exchange centers where individuals interested in purchasing and/or selling items advertised on their websites can safely meet to do so. This would, of course, require both or all parties involved in exchanges or purchases to sign in to the prescribed facilities, which would be staffed with armed security officers and other relevant personnel, and show state photo and/or other forms of acceptable identification. It would also entail the screening, via entrance metal detectors and wands, of marketers and customers for weapons and other items that would not be permitted upon the premises of the exchange centers.

All in-person party transactions would be performed in the presence of security personnel, who would thoroughly inspect all items before finalized sales, or, preferably, before the items are brought into the trading centers.

Craigslist Sales on Behalf of and Electronic Payment to Original Marketers

Clients may elect and pay reasonable fees for Craigslist, etc. to perform physical sales of advertised items, which would be delivered and processed into the noted exchange centers.

Proper fees would be deducted by Craigslist/internet marketing platforms after the finalization of sales, and payment would be made to the original marketers via their Paypal and/or bank accounts through Craigslist and other relevant websites.

This would, of course, require upgrades to Craigslist and other relevant websites.

In Summation

Particularly in light of continuing violence against especially Craigslist marketers, Craigslist and other internet sales platforms should create formal exchange centers to provide a safe sales experiences for customers, a venture that is only appropriate and quite frankly long overdue, and one, furthermore, that would be substantially profitable for Craigslist, et cetera…