Responsive to Detroit Officer Won’t Go On Trial 3rd Time in Girl’s Death

The general public has better sense than many of our judicial authorities, and common sense is a lot less costly than law school. There are too many bizarre cases of this sort, when there should be none. This cop should at least get a charge of involuntary manslaughter and at most a charge of murder, considering the circumstances here…

Not only did they not find the murderer they were supposedly looking for (or at least this article does not say that they did), this cop committed a murder, and of an innocent and defenseless young child at that. Gunfire and use of grenades during a raid are only merited during an actual standoff, i.e. it is definitive that a suspect or suspects are present at the locality, and they are armed and/or hostilely evading arrest. Otherwise, simply knocking on the door of the locality or perceived locality of a suspect – with other armed officers surrounding the locality – or even knocking down a door, if necessary, while using precautions so that no one is unnecessarily harmed should be standard protocol.

It is apparent that the officer in this case was lying about struggling with this child’s grandmother when he “accidentally” fired his weapon because the grandmother was not arrested. It is also notable that he did not testify.

It is also very amusing that the prosecutor who called the judge’s dismissal of the felony manslaughter charge “unfortunate” is moving for dismissal of the only remaining charge (“a misdemeanor count of reckless use of a firearm”).

Notwithstanding, when judicial authorities, including judges, commit unscrupulous acts, they should be held legally accountable for it, and more of the common folks with good judgment should step up and do what is necessary to become the righteous prosecutors and judges…