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Gamestop and other game stores should avail registered members the privilege of saving or uploading purchased games to their online accounts. In the event that tangible versions of games and/or consoles are damaged, members would be capable of recovering or downloading the games to repaired or newly purchased consoles…

Customers should have the option of having purchased games uploaded to their online accounts in addition to or in lieu of shipment of tangible versions of games, both of which should also be purchasable online (Comprehensive lists of games should be accessible on game store websites).

Companies like Gamefly implementing an initiative of this sort, with issuance of temporary downloads and options to purchase permanent downloads, would save significant costs associated with shipping (sending and returning) games, and eliminate and/or reduce risks associated with damage to tangible games.

An initiative of this sort would ultimately save costs associated with production of tangible games (CDs, etc.) once more and more customers revert to download purchases, and there is less need for tangible copies of games.