Core requirements should be communicated in distributed literature to all parents at the beginning of each school year; and there should be no surprises or deviations from those requirements without prior notice to parents.

Accordingly, ALL of students’ classroom and homework assignments should center around those requirements, and as scheduled for each grade reporting period.

In the event that a parent does not receive a printed copy of the curriculum or core requirements for their child(ren)’s school they can retrieve it from the website of the school district in which their child(ren) is/are enrolled. Click here to see the Shelby County Schools Curriculum & Instruction web page

Promptly communicating core requirements via distributed literature, if not via course syllabi, and during registration periods, preferably, would help parents to stay abreast of skills that students should be learning, and when they should be learning them.

This and designating class and homework assignments that parallel those requirements best empowers students and parents, etc. who’ll help them improve areas requiring improvement and achieve academic success.