Block or alternate-day course scheduling is an excellent method of providing elementary, middle, and high school students who rotate classes with sufficient time in given courses on given class days. Not all courses require double the time, however.                                                                               Students should be placed in study halls and/or classes that they are particularly struggling in and/or those in which they’ve scored least, during the latter half of those particular courses.

Block scheduling, or spending double time on alternate days of the week in certain classes, should only apply to major courses like Math, English, Science, and History.

Courses that students should not necessarily spend double time in include Physical Education, Art, or any elective courses that are not particularly conducive to completion of any declared major.

If selected courses are declared majors and/or if there are extenuating circumstances or reasons that students should spend double time in courses like Physical Education, Art, etc. they should be permitted to do so.

Reasons for spending double time in Physical Education could include joinder of the course with a nutrition or general health course or component, which could eliminate requirement to take a health course in a succeeding school term.

Reasons for spending double time in an Art class could include partaking of a technological component that could be introduced into the course, i.e. Graphic Design, Computer Animated Design for architecture or vehicular design, etc.

Students with exceptional grades in core courses, like Math, English, etc., who have successfully completed their own work should be utilized during the second hour of block schedules as teaching assistants or to help other students who are struggling in specific areas.

All time that all students spend in the course of each school day should be optimally spent, or all students should be provided adequate or more time in some classes and less in others, accordingly, or where necessary, to assure that each is optimally educated.