Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to walk into a physical store and purchase items that have conventionally only been purchasable from a catalog and/or online. I think so.                                                                                  Catalog stores that exist only in print and/or online save costs associated with management of traditional department stores, but when considering shipping costs of being exclusively in-print and/or online those savings are likely not so substantial.

Conglomerated catalog stores, or a chain of department stores that would consist of varied catalog stores that would share expenses, including rental or shared costs for building purchases and utilities, would avail customers the privilege of touching and testing items before purchasing them, and would eliminate need for shipment of those purchases…

Conglomerated catalog stores would also create a larger customer base for traditional exclusively in-print and/or online stores, and save each individual store overhead costs associated with rental or costs for purchasing buildings that they’d share, and for utilities.

Catalog stores could also consist of conglomerates of already existent walk-in stores with mail order catalogs, or a combination of exclusively in-print/online stores and those with already existent walk-in stores.

The Catalog Store could be the actual name of the described conglomerates, which might consist of a different combination of stores at varied locations, and they could, perhaps, share a logo and web address with catalogs.com.