I recently purchased access to a popular work-from-anywhere company that offers multiple avenues of earning income, one of which is affiliate link posting. It is not necessary to sign up for any of these major work-from-anywhere programs to become an affiliate marketer. One could simply Google search affiliate programs of popular brands and sign up for any and all programs of interest. One of the chief benefits of signing up for either of the popular work-from-anywhere programs, however, is that they are capable of introducing clientele to great products that they may have never heard of, they nor any other potential customers…

They also provide customized, high traffic websites for posting/advertising purposes, compiled and updated lists of free and other ad posting sites, and email lists. They additionally provide training and support for all components of their programs.

One of the major challenges of the said work-from-anywhere programs, nonetheless, is that the process of posting links for various products to multiple websites is rather tedious, when, with available technology, it needn’t be.

Subscribers to the major affiliate programs should be capable of simultaneously logging in to, posting, and daily re-posting to all of their platforms. This can be accomplished by enabling clients to link each relevant website, including program assigned/customized and other personal websites and social media pages, to their program dashboard, and by assigning the same password to each listed ad site and programming the system to simultaneously post a selected ad to each site and into multiple selected zip codes…

The system should also be programmed to save all transactions, as well as post titles and descriptions, identification of link sources and categories, and generated links based on input of this information. This would alleviate program participants of need to create and save this information in separate Excel files and/or external web-based spreadsheets…

I’m sure that many people reading this are probably thinking that if what I’m suggesting is in fact implemented it could possibly eliminate the need for affiliates. This is not so, however, considering the multitude of different products that there are to market and the considerable number of and continuous proliferation of platforms (including social media) that are impractical for the noted umbrella affiliate programs to wholly capture.

The variety of categories into which these ads can be posted, and further considering that multiple posts of the same product are quickly lost in the listings of varied products, is why affiliate programs are typically open to all applicants. Also, a significant sect of the traffic that the average affiliate acquires is through their own personal social networks.

Incorporation of Other Affiliate Programs

Affiliates should also be capable of uploading and saving affiliate offers from other sources, i.e. Amazon.com and any affiliate brands not already listed in the available offers of any of the noted programs.

The noted programs should, if possible, alphabetically list every affiliate opportunity in existence, and avail the same privilege of simultaneously posting links to those particular product offers to multiple platforms, while saving the information. This would significantly improve the performance of all affiliate programs…

Media (Photo Stock and Video/Product Infomercial & Commercial…) Libraries

The subject programs should also entail media libraries that include videos or product infomercials and/or commercials, and relevant photo stock for affiliate use.

Chief Program Blogs & Paid Article Writing Opportunities for Affiliates

Imagine the level of success that the subject work-from-anywhere programs would have in implementing chief program blogs that would focus on providing insightful tips to affiliates and/or other program participants.

Blogs of the sort could alone reel in millions, perhaps billions of pay-per-click dollars, due to the level of interest in work-from-home or anywhere opportunities.

Providing paid article writing opportunities to affiliates would help to secure a steady supply of posts for the prescribed chief program blogs, while providing exposure to affiliates and their unique entrepreneurial ventures, and/or their smaller customized program-issued websites/blogs, etc.

In Summation

Any work-from-anywhere programs that would invest in the prescribed improvements would certainly have a competitive edge over other programs. If they all made the prescribed improvements they could continue competing at other levels, including researching and offering a better range of unique and resourceful products that affiliates and their customers would appreciate…